Chapter 201
Dear Grandma

I hadn’t been to your grave. 5 months had almost passed and I couldn’t bring myself to go see you. I had so many regrets of not being there enough for you towards the end. I should have made more of an effort. So I was afraid to go see...

Posted 3/18/2014
Chapter 200

Can we ever really forgive someone? Is it possible to just let go, forgive, and forget? Or do we just simply push the bad memories and lessons learned into the back of our heads and forge a new way to be able to function every day? Forgiveness is...

Posted 3/17/2014
Chapter 199
Untitled Story

My story was named untitled but now I will name How I was a chief enabler to my Prince He is now in his 40's after 20 rehabs, long-term, flight school, owning Recovery houses you call them sonar houses I allowed him & his 3 Rd wife to move int...

Posted 3/13/2014
Chapter 198
Prescription Drug Nightmare

Prescription drugs addiction are deadly. I hurt my neck and chest resulting in a fusion of my neck and a rib being taken out of each side of my chest. During all the surgeries and PT, my doctors had me on an immense cocktail of prescription drugs....

Posted 3/12/2014
Chapter 197

My son is a 17 year old young man who left our home today to live in a sober community.  He has dropped out of high school, and no longer desires to be a part of our family on a day to day basis.  I am hurt, and so is his sister.  H...

Posted 2/28/2014
Chapter 196
My Journey to Freedom

Journey to freedom......I was born with a cleft palette my whole childhood I felt different got made fun of by the neighborhood kids and by 7 I shutdown and withdrawn after I seen my daddy cry at my grandmoms funeral "why did god make my daddy cry...

Posted 2/28/2014
Chapter 195

My love affair with alcohol began my freshman year in college.  I was a child of privilege, going to Catholic school living in an affluent neighborhood and yet never felt worthy.  I was aware I was adopted at 2 days old and that felt lik...

Posted 2/28/2014
Chapter 194
Those Three Words Eluded Me For Many Years

  I grew up in a small town in NJ, which is noted for its ample cemetery space. They say are more dead people then there...

Posted 2/14/2014
Chapter 192
Finally Home

In some ways, I saw myself heading down the path of destruction long before I ever took that first drink or drug. When I was born I had trouble breathing and had to spend 6 months in the hospital. The medical difficulties ended up resulting in a b...

Posted 2/10/2014
Chapter 190
So This Happened

Hello, my name is [MALE NAME REMOVED] and I might be an alcoholic. You see, six years ago I had an evening out in West Hollywood and I had a little too much to drink.  Okay, I had A LOT too much to drink.  I might have perf...

Posted 2/10/2014
Chapter 189

"But I made you who you are today,  How can you just throw me away" But I didn't know who I was all I knew Was that I was tapping to the beat of your tune I thought we'd be the best of friends Y...

Posted 2/5/2014
Chapter 188
Get back up

I'll never forget the nights we shared For some crazy reason I thought you cared Always there when I needed you When you weren't I was sick like the flu But it was worse then that  You made me fall flat...

Posted 2/5/2014
Chapter 187
By The Way

The undertow took me under Just to leave me wonder.. To have you day in and day out Then go through this drought Oh how empty I felt I remember how you use to make me melt When I was cold you made me...

Posted 2/5/2014
Chapter 186
A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear (Female Name Removed), <span style="font-size: 18.0pt; font-family: Pristina;"...

Posted 2/5/2014
Chapter 185
Baby Boomer Comes Clean

Hello sober brothers & sisters I have been clean & sober since 1992.I hit rock bottom two years before but didn't quit using cocaine. I'm a baby boomer born in the middle of the 50's so my generation was liberal towards smoking pot...

Posted 2/5/2014
Chapter 184
Growing Up In A Messy House

I grew up in a messy house. I was too ashamed to let kids come over. At a young age I realized my house was different. It was then that I had to live a lie and pretend I was “normal” and I c...

Posted 2/3/2014
Chapter 183
My Story of Loss and Abuse and a Fresh Start

Well, here it is.  This is my story.  My intention in writing this is to release it.  I read a quote once about "who I am" on my journey to self discovery.  It said something about taking a book of all your stories and throwing...

Posted 1/29/2014
Chapter 182
Just Me

Wow! I am really going to do this- write it all down.....I have lived with this pain my entire life and maybe just maybe if I write my story  I will feel better inside.  I really do...

Posted 1/29/2014
Chapter 181
My Story

Being a drug addict for a very long time around twelve years using alcohol and coke trying to go sober for the first time  ...

Posted 1/29/2014
Chapter 180
You Dont Know How Strong You Really Are

Where do I begin my story starts when I was a little girl. I was around 7yrs old when at the time I didn't realize what was happening to me til later on in life. I was at my grandmother's funeral the first time I remember things...

Posted 1/23/2014
Chapter 179
We Can Do It!

Someones addiction sadly as it sounds never really ends, there's always the if's and reminders. I remember when I could go for days smoking meth and be like so jacked up I'd forget what day it was sometimes, but I always knew when the week...

Posted 1/23/2014
Chapter 178
Untitled Story

What is GUTS?  <span style="font-weight: no...

Posted 1/23/2014
Chapter 177
Untitled Story

I sat in the car outside of my apartment in Sherman Oaks, California in distress. Nothing had happened, no big event triggered me, but this was my normal. I had been crying for several days, unabl...

Posted 1/21/2014
Chapter 176
Sleep Arrested

I had been using Ambient for about 12 years, as a sleeping aid. I don't have the ability to fall asleep by myself with-out meds. On occasion if I take too many, it becomes a hypnotic and I walk in my sleep. I eat in my sleep and I went to a car fo...

Posted 1/21/2014
Chapter 175
How Much Lipstick Does It Take To Keep My Husband Sober?

So, I'm not an addict but I am still trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction.  My role is just as exhausting and debilitating as that of an addict.  I am the over -compensating enabler.  Some people don't realize that there is oft...

Posted 1/20/2014
Chapter 173
Shattered Glass Heart Dropped and Smashed

Hi again.  I don't know if this is going to come out clearly, or in poetic form....all I know is my heart is shattered I fell in love years ago with an unstable women. I myself was unstable with addiction and my own physical, spiritua...

Posted 1/20/2014
Chapter 172
Loving and Losing an Addict

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Posted 1/20/2014
Chapter 171

I wasn't one of the people who had a horrible bottom that would bring me into recovery -- just because you jump off before you reach destruction doesn't lesson the reality of addiction.  Some are just more fortunate the others. I was...

Posted 1/17/2014
Chapter 170
Challenge the Soul

I guess this would be my continuation of my addiction. The BOTTOM for me was my son, he refused to call me MOM for a long time when he would see me he couldn't bring himself to say "that's my mom" he would tell people "she's not my mom, I...

Posted 1/16/2014
Chapter 169
Living Proof

I grew up in a house where whiskey was the answer to a sore throat. I don't remember my first drink because I was probably very young. I always hung around the bad kids. In high school my boyfriend was one of the well known dealers. I stayed with...

Posted 1/14/2014
Chapter 168
So Thankful To Have This Outlet

  It's Sunday night and I cannot fall asleep. I've spent the better part of 3 weeks in my bedroom mostly recovering from using meth with some using. For me the crash of after using that stuff takes so much out of me that I spend way t...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 165
Untitled Story

"Hi.  Nice to meet you.  May I buy you a drink? Oh, by the way, I'm a drug addict and suffer a long term cycle of sobriety and relapse," said no drug addict, ever.  It would be so much easier if they did.  But, most drug addict...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 164
Lost and Confused

Not sure why I am writing this. Maybe to get it out. Maybe to see if someone can offer some direction. I am lost. Lost on where to go from here. Lost on if anything I am doing is right. If I am helping or making it worse. I just don't know. It is...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 163
Path To Recovery

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Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 162
IF I Can Do It, So Can You!

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Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 160
Needed Approval, But What I Needed Was Strength

So Growing up , my mother was more interested in being a social butterfly than being a mother. Many times I felt like I was put on this earth just so my mother could say "these are my children" .Made me kind of open to be approved by anyone. I jus...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 151
The Picture Worth A Thousand Lifetimes

It's amazing this circle of life we all live & how it gives back to us...only for us to use what we've been given to help another in need! I was just outta jail for about the 5th time, two days later my mother & my cousin who is a...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 150
An Open Letter to Beer

Dear Beer,It's been a long time. I have been reflecting on our relationship lately, and thought you wo...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 149
Untitled Story

People often refer to your teen years as the best years of your life....Mine were a nightmare.   At 16, I was what society would deem a 'wild child'. I had a lack of respect for my parents, a desire to do what I wanted to do,...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 148
Final Descent

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Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 147
Through Hell and Back

 Well I have finally come to terms with everything that has happened to me in  my life .  My parents were both young , my father was a heroine addicted  / drug dealer he was very abusive toward me and my mother . He would beat...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 146
Free Fall

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Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 145
My Story, My Insanity

I came into recovery the same way most people did. I was sick of being sick.  I was not a person who used for many years, I hit my bottom in a matter of 2 years the first time.  I was born and raised in New York. My mother was clinically...

Posted 1/10/2014
Chapter 144
Environment and Genetics: A Time Bomb Waiting

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Posted 1/9/2014
Chapter 143
For An Even Better 2014

It's New Year's Eve and I'm finally feeling stronger. Around Halloween I started to have urges to be über sexual and use tina. I've been working at staying sober since 2004 with some major success time. The last time I had used was th...

Posted 1/9/2014
Chapter 142
Finding Peace

I remember the first high I ever had. I was 13. It was the little league championship game. I was up to bat with bases loaded and we were down by 3. I stepped up to the plate and swung at the first pitch I saw. As the ball sailed over the left fie...

Posted 1/6/2014
Chapter 141
The College Years

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Posted 1/6/2014
Chapter 140
Untitled Story

" Not this mom"  My road to addiction was well in place by the time I had my 2 sons. Since I'd gone to every other job under the influence, being a stay at home mom was not going to be an exception. I had a pill for everything! Baby i...

Posted 1/6/2014
Chapter 137
Woman To Woman

WOMAN TO WOMAN <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; ; mso-pagination: none; mso-layout-grid-ali...

Posted 12/24/2013
Chapter 136
Saying Goodbye to My Eating Disorder & Finding Me

I wrote this about a year ago. It was an email I sent to a dear friend. She shared it...

Posted 12/24/2013
Chapter 135
The Painful Truth

The middle years: 18-30   Through years drinking and drugging I met who I thought was the man of my dreams (he paid attention to me),  The first night we met we did cocaine and that became the norm of our existence, ...

Posted 12/24/2013
Chapter 134
Untitled Story

 l strongly believe that living sober is the best amends.  It certainly has given me the chance to right my wrongs and live authentically.  We all have our crosses to bare, and addiction has been mine.  but  I have a choic...

Posted 12/24/2013
Chapter 133
When the Bully is Your Own Mother

What the bike has to say? I'm 41 years old, married 2 kids, at the day I'm writing they are 23 months and 8 months. My life is geographically complicated. I live in Canada since 2004. My father was a diplomat, I was born in one c...

Posted 12/24/2013
Chapter 131
Is There Hope?

I'm a mom & a gramma. I've been on pain killers for many many years. I'm prescribed 3-4 percs 10/325 & 2 oxys 30 MG's a day. I always take more than I'm prescribed so I always run out early.and have to go days & days w\o them. I'm fort...

Posted 12/24/2013
Chapter 130
Finding the light during the holidays!

For the last 6 years the holidays have been very hard for me. After I lost my grandmother in the spring 2007 when the holidays came around I didn't want to celebrate them. It was hard to celebrate the holidays especially Christmas without my grand...

Posted 12/8/2013
Chapter 129
A Slippery Slope

  My problem with the abuse of alcohol started when I lost my best friend and discovered that I could disconnect fro...

Posted 12/8/2013
Chapter 128
My Miserable Existence: Part Deuce

As I have gotten older I have realized how shot out I am, drugs / alcohol really did a number on me, my friends just call me "special", and really if you hung out with me for an extended amount of time you see it, some are lucky enough to see it e...

Posted 12/8/2013
Chapter 127
My Miserable Existence

I have said those words soo many times, my miserable existence, please take me out of this life....Here starts a chapter:   I was raised with an alcoholic father, and a mom who was straight edged, could do no wrong. I don't kn...

Posted 12/8/2013
Chapter 126
Life is Tough

My name is [Female Name Removed] and I have, at times, struggled with drinking too much alcohol.  Mainly to numb my anxiety as I suffer from at times.  My anxiety can be very debilitating, causing physical symptoms such as no appetite, a...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 125
I'm Not Worthy

I'm not worthy......that is the filter I live my life through and I'm SICK of it! I think most people have some degree of feeling that they are not enough, and I always wonder why mine is so intense.  I grew up in a "normal" family. M...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 124
Wasted Youth

It all started when I was 14. A sick love affair with alcohol that took over my life before I could even realize it. I went to a party with friends trying to be cool and drank rum and coke all night and somehow managed not to get sick or wake up w...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 123
A Story of Surrender: My First Sober Thanksgiving

         A STORY OF SURRENDER-My First Sober Thanksgiving          &nbs...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 122
Untitled Story

I have been sober18 years  soo happy I didn't waste another day being a alcoholic loser thanks to my higher power   ...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 121
This Is Who I Am

I'm lucky I come from a place of love, my parents were and still are wonderfully beautiful people. Coming from a home of love does not mean life doesn't throw you a few curve balls, I am testament to that. Addiction and abuse can lead it's way in...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 120
My Son The Monster

Trying to write this story is hard. My son is a recovering addict. Not by choice. He is currently serving 4 years at a federal prison. He is 24 years old. He has 2 years left on his sentence. I first noticed him experimenting with weed at 14. So m...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 119

We each have our own paths in life, sometimes I wonder if the encounters we undertake, are given to the ones who can overcome our experiences and survive it just to warn others and let them know, darling, it will be ok (the latter words I'll come...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 118
My Coming Out Story: Lesbihonest ;)

I remember the first time I realized I may be different from other girls. I was about 7 and my summer camp took us to a local amusement park. I was standing in line when I noticed another girl who was a little bit older. For some strange reason, t...

Posted 12/3/2013
Chapter 117
I am a GIVER! Not a TAKER!

Well,I haven't done this sooner,because who likes to bring up painful thoughts? I got my first D.U.I.back In 2010,which I never thought that I would ever get one of those.At The same time I was kind waiting on it to happen,and it was awful,I was e...

Posted 11/20/2013
Chapter 116
Letter to Self to End a Destructive Marriage

  Hello Me <span style="font-family: 'Arial Narrow','sans...

Posted 11/13/2013
Chapter 115
From Hopeless Heroin Junkie to a Positive Recovering Addict

I was always against drugs. I looked down on people who were using drugs, and I never understanded it. I lost so many family and friends to drugs when I was younger. I thought it was a choice and I didn't understand how addiction worked. But fast...

Posted 11/13/2013
Chapter 114
Victim to Survivor

I question if I even have much of a story to share... all I know is as of late if I do share people have been touched by my shares.   I feel Very overwhelmed at this time I am just a little over 30days sober. The two men who h...

Posted 11/4/2013
Chapter 113
Untitled Story

THE SHORT VERSION   I grew up the eighth of Nine children, my father was a alcoholic.  I never fell asleep as a small child until I knew my dad was home and everyone was safe.  Many nights he came home and beat up my...

Posted 11/4/2013
Chapter 112
I Grew Up As An Only Child

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Posted 11/4/2013
Chapter 111
To Never Meet Again, But Grateful That We Did

Dear Alcohol,​Something always brought me back to you. Plagued, yet intrigued by your effects, you came to possess and control my every...

Posted 11/1/2013
Chapter 109
My Gambling Addiction and Recovery

I am a recovering Compulsive Gambler who placed my last bet April 10,1968. I started gambling at about age 7 or 8 as a kid in Brooklyn, NY. It...

Posted 10/15/2013
Chapter 108
Celebrating Recovery

Today I celebrate my recovery birthday. It was 13 years ago today that I took my last drink. It hasn't been the easiest journey. At first none of my friends thought I would stay sober passed a month. They knew my way of dealing with stress and pai...

Posted 10/15/2013
Chapter 107
My Nose Was The Culprit

18 years ago I was having terrible migraines.  I was introduced to stadol nasal spray.  For the first time in my life the migraine went away.  I was given this drug like it was candy.  No  one realized I had become physica...

Posted 10/9/2013
Chapter 106
The Summer From Hell: Cancer Sucks

As I lay here in my bed, I'm having a hard time trying to gather my thoughts.. Every so often I get distracted, glancing up at a baby monitor I have on top of a shelf in my room. Every couple minutes I hear a loud deep inhale. After...

Posted 10/9/2013
Chapter 105
Finally Free and Loving Life

I was born in New York to an addict/alcoholic father and a co-dependent mother.  I always had the addict...

Posted 10/1/2013
Chapter 104
Overcoming Addiction Through Inner Strength

  By the mid 1990’s my cocaine addiction was out of hand; it had all but...

Posted 10/1/2013
Chapter 103
My Past Hell, but New Beginning

I guess this is a good chance to get everything, my whole story, out into the open, yet still anonymous. My name is D, and I am 23 years old. I was born and lived all but 7 months of my life in New Jersey. My Dad was 36 when I was born...

Posted 9/27/2013
Chapter 102
Untitled Story

I started Using Speed in one form or another in March of 1975....I was 12 yrs old at the time......The coach of the Sports team...

Posted 9/26/2013
Chapter 101
Untitled Story

Pain of an addict when I look at it it's tragic  wouldn't walk away even though I said I've had it  stuck with you through the scars long nights rememorize with the stars  came to realize your the typ...

Posted 9/23/2013
Chapter 100
Untitled Story

 I couldnt comprehend how someone could be an alcoholic until I turned into one. I couldn't wrap my head around the notion that; someones life revolved around drinking and getting high, that is until my disease consumed me. My addiction...

Posted 9/23/2013
Chapter 99
Not a Victim Anymore

My first memory of any form of addiction was when I was a kid, started off as a food addiction which lead thru out my years of development. I went from obesity to another addiction of bulimic all I wanted was to be thin because that would c...

Posted 9/23/2013
Chapter 98

I'm 21 now and have abused alcohol since the age of 15. And smoked weed most days since I was 17. I'm quite shy and nervous around big groups, so I always had to have a few drinks in me to feel comfortable. When I drink I'm loud and rude and I can...

Posted 9/16/2013
Chapter 97

       It was the Tuesday after Fathe...

Posted 9/12/2013
Chapter 96
Overcoming My PTSD 1 Step at a Time.

Every year on 9/11 someone is always asking if I remember what I was doing when the planes crashed in NY, D.Cand PA. I was a junior in college that year. I was attending a college that was only a few miles from where Flight 93 went down. Every yea...

Posted 9/12/2013
Chapter 95
New Normal

You see it in TV all the time- recovered/sober people in and out of aa meetings, getting support from other people and trying to make the most out of their recovery.  That is NOT for me. I have only a few friends (who pretty much believe...

Posted 9/12/2013
Chapter 94
Forced to grow up early in life

Part1- I was forced to grow up early in life, I come from a big Irish family, My folks drank socially but there were never to my knowledge problem drinkers, My parents were young, and they were not financially capable of taking care of 4 c...

Posted 9/12/2013
Chapter 93
Untitled Story

I was told that soberbook is not focused just on drugs and alcohol. It is a place that you can go to when you are feeling alone and overwhelmed with your personal struggles. It is a place to share your heartache, your worries, your troubles, your...

Posted 9/12/2013
Chapter 92
For The Love Of An Addict

My boyfriend was using and it wasn't fun. There were sleepless nights, days filled with tears, and even an extreme weight loss. Still, I loved him and I stayed. I would drive him to work, knowing he would get high there, and I'd pick him up, knowi...

Posted 9/12/2013
Chapter 91
Never had a chance

So i came into life and never had a chance.I was born in baltimore MD to a addict mother.As long as i can remember i felt less then everyone else.I didnt have the cool shoes or clothes and i was one of few white kids in my area. All threw grade sc...

Posted 9/12/2013
Chapter 90
Born Into it

BORN INTO IT!                                                               &nbs...

Posted 9/12/2013
Chapter 89
You know this feeling that you have right now? You don't ever have to feel this way again

I have been in and out of the aa rooms for years. All those attempts at sobriety didn't work because it wasn't my time. I wasn't ready. When I completely surrendered myself to the aa program and the first step, then it started to work. <...

Posted 9/3/2013
Chapter 88
Unique & Irish

Where do I begin? I'm Irish, German, and Welsh, right there alone should tell you this is going to be an interesting story. I grew up in a catholic environment, with 2 loving parents, 2 sisters and 1 older brother. We all got along, okay for the m...

Posted 9/2/2013
Chapter 87
What If

What if I said I give up What if I acted on these thoughts Their words cut deep <p style="t...

Posted 8/25/2013
Chapter 86
Faith Is Key

Born and raised in a small town in the north east, my childhood was very normal and happy. I have a good family and I recall many get together, party's, and friends. I remember the full lamb my dad used to cook on the picket, we are Greek...

Posted 8/25/2013
Chapter 85
Only Through Struggle Have I Found Rest

I am a 22 year old drug addict/alcoholic. I always found it interesting how difficult it is to begin a story. Much like it is difficult to take that first step with anything in life. Whether it has positive or negative impacts, people always seem...

Posted 8/25/2013
Chapter 84
Untitled Story

Words soft spoken, heart cracked open Wanting to feel again A smile from ear to ear, but deep down there was fear He's so warm like the sand under my feet But can turn ice cold how rain turns to sleet He was...

Posted 8/20/2013
Chapter 83
Broken Soul

Hi Everyone, Well, I am not really proud of myself right now. You see, I got sober from meth August 7, 1995, gave up alcohol in 1988 and did really good until November 2012. I was living overseas for 2 years, and had to come home to take...

Posted 8/20/2013
Chapter 82
Things I Learned in a Halfway House

  Halfway house 101   1. Dont buy a months worth of food when you first get there i know your anxious to spend your government funded food stamps but your roommates will eat it, go for a weeks worth 2. Get...

Posted 8/20/2013
Chapter 79
Untitled Story

I am a grateful 37 year old recovering addict!! My story begins many years ago when I was a young girl. My father was a drug dealer an addict my mother was just a addict. My father sexually abused me for many years he use to let his friends rape m...

Posted 8/12/2013
Chapter 78
"Clean And Sober, Hands Down"

I am an alcoholic and addict who was born and raised in a large midwest city.  My alcoholism began to surface at around age 12, when I became very ashamed of my sexuality and virginity.  I began experimenting with alcohol and marijuana t...

Posted 8/12/2013
Chapter 77
A story about a girl

Hey so I love this new idea to share your story about addicition with people. I am a 22 year old female and I have had several years of addicition. My story beginfls when my first memory was being raped by my father at the age of 6-7. It happened...

Posted 8/12/2013
Chapter 76
what drugs lead to

I knew I was different from a young age. My cousin was in and out of detoxes/rehabs/mental institutions. So instead of playing house when I was younger I played rehab, and nightclub, and mental institutions. The day before my 19th birthday I start...

Posted 8/5/2013
Chapter 75
Untitled Story

I became free of my addictions when I became saved and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and asked him to live in my heart forever. I communicate through him through personal prayer that devdelops a relationship with him. Ask him to take...

Posted 8/5/2013
Chapter 74
Struggling day 1 sober

I'm so tired of waking up to feelings of shame.....embarrassment yet again got drunk alone and started calling people how much can I torched myself? I know there is life without alcohol a good life I've been there before.   I can't accept whe...

Posted 8/5/2013
Chapter 73
Taking my life from negative to positive

Born in a medium  low class, since growing up I was more active and extrovertive than other kids, didn't have problems in school but due to my hyperactivity and lack of self control I was initiated in martial arts at age of 3, I started build...

Posted 8/5/2013
Chapter 72
[Male Name Removed]'s Story

Hello I'm [Male Name Removed]. Grateful alcoholic, I took my first drink around the age of 10. It was at a family function for some relatives that I really didn't care for, and they had an open bar. I convinced the bar tender to...

Posted 7/30/2013
Chapter 71
Who in the hell left the gate open (Part 2)

I am at my halfway house feeling hopeless, rejected, misunderstood, judged, and alone.  Yet, C from I keeps telling me that I am in the right place.  How is that possible.  I am unique and different.  I didn't loose my job, nev...

Posted 7/29/2013
Chapter 70

My brother died of a drug overdose the day after Christmas in 2001. He was 18 at the time and I was about to turn 17 in a few months. He was my best friend. He protected me, loved me, looked out for me, and cared for me. Any guy I would even consi...

Posted 7/29/2013
Chapter 69
Untitled Story

Wow! Tell my story you ask. Sounds simple if there was a story, that is one story, but truthfully there are so many stories, that I believe make a person and I am not an exception to that fact. Ah! I recall so many stories and events that continua...

Posted 7/29/2013
Chapter 67
Untitled Story

when I was a little kid I remember eating ham n cheese for three months straight, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. my mother thought nothing of it but a little strange. In hindsight , which I find to be 20/20, I can recognize it as a tendency...

Posted 7/24/2013
Chapter 65
its 2013 and im OK!!

I am 40 yrs old and have had anxiety and depression my whole life.  i was introduced to opiates when i was 22 yrs old, later than most of you.  I never had euphoria, only the loss of anxiety and depression, it took away that scared "i ju...

Posted 7/24/2013
Chapter 64
Want to live a Real Life

I started drinking at the age of 14 yrs. old, my girlfriend and I would ask random people in front of a package store store to get us alcohol, we started getting Boobes Farm wine. This lasted for a short period of time. About 3 yrs. later when I e...

Posted 7/24/2013
Chapter 62
No one understands, no one feels the way I do

"No one understands, no one feels the way I do" what a lie I was telling myself the whole time. I was calling those people my best friends, " best friends " who I'd steel from, who didn't give a shit about me...

Posted 7/18/2013
Chapter 61
Diamond Eyes

This such a great Idea and outlet for people to share their experience strength and hope with others. My mom gave birth to me the night Mary Lou Retton was doing back flips at the Olympics. If that wasn't a foreshadowing of what was to come I don'...

Posted 7/18/2013
Chapter 60
[Male Name Removed]

Ive never done this before so bare with me :). I grew up in a small town on long island. My mother and father were the american story, football player and cheerleader met in high school got married popped out four kids and had a great house to rai...

Posted 7/17/2013
Chapter 59
My pregnancy saved me from a life of alcholism.

  I'm a writer, and like many artists, I convinced myself I was a better writer when I was drinking. I quit drinking during my first pregnancy; while I was pregnant, I couldn't imagine even wanting to drink as much as...

Posted 7/17/2013
Chapter 58
My White Chip Moment

I tried to kill myself for the first time on in 2010 on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. I just wanted to go to sleep and not wake up. I had trouble sleeping so I would drink until I passed out every night. My drink of choice, Franzia box w...

Posted 7/17/2013
Chapter 57
Is it too Late?

I started using meth when I was 25 years old. I am now 44 yrs. old. I stopped almost 2 yrs. ago but now I am full of health issues. I now have a bad heart & recently found out my liver bad. I'm scared. I don't want to die. I have a 17 yr. daug...

Posted 7/17/2013
Chapter 56
The Other Voice

I think the most important step for fighting addiction is to see the effect it has on loved ones. Growing up, I thought I had the perfect childhood: a great living environment with a father was a working man who had a great income, a mother who wa...

Posted 7/17/2013
Chapter 55
The Confessions of a Glass Heart

Dear Jenn and Soberbook,   Hello I am ****** and I am an addict.  To tell my story I would have to begin with the first time I used.  The first time I used was at the age of 16. Of all drugs my first experience was...

Posted 7/15/2013
Chapter 54
Still Fighting

***WARNING - THIS IS MY STORY*** i wish i didn't remember the things i remember. i wish i was like those people who i've read about who don't remember anything. For the longest time i've shoved down all the memories and hid them. i started...

Posted 7/15/2013
Chapter 53
Sobriety of the Spirit: Meanderings

I am still learning how to openly express my feelings and not hide them or bury them in a cleaning frenzy or other addictive behavior like surfing the Internet or eating.  But I'm getting better at it.  I've been sober since November 19,...

Posted 7/9/2013
Chapter 52
The Steps I Had To Take

The steps I had to take My life began Dec 10 1971, I grew up in small town Buckingham FL. Life was a little bit of chaos, my parents got divorced before I can remember. My mother remarried to an alcoholic when I was around 3 or 4. I grew u...

Posted 7/9/2013
Chapter 51
A families nightmare, a child's demon

My story is one from a parent, I can only see the pain from the outside and what drugs do to wonderful children and their families. My road has been long and  full of ups and downs and lots of twists and turns to arrive where I am today. Both...

Posted 7/5/2013
Chapter 50

Im 23 from south jersey .. my addiction started when i was 14 with drinking.. i experimented with pretty much everything but when i was 18 i tried pcp for the first time and fell inlove. most people i talk to say that they only tried it once and h...

Posted 7/5/2013
Chapter 49
the day of my surrender finally came

This is about as real as it gets for me. im finally giving sobriety my all and fighting this disease once and for all. I grew up on the west coast of the usa where the sun was hot, and the days were long. I have one sib...

Posted 7/5/2013
Chapter 48

I'm an addict and I say it greatfully. I've had addict behavior since I was young, telling lies for attention, steeling and hiding things. I remember the first time I got high, I didn't even get high.. But I kept coming back;...

Posted 7/3/2013
Chapter 47
My Story May Be Different, But It's The Only Story I Have

This the only story God has given me. A part of me feels guilty sharing my story because I know so many others h...

Posted 7/1/2013
Chapter 46
The Truth Hurts

My story is plain and simple, I let Drugs and Alcohol ruin my life, and if anyone tells you that's NOT true, they just don't know. I first got the taste of Meth in 2004 after asking for a ride to a club, after that first...

Posted 6/28/2013
Chapter 45
There's No Drunk to Monk

A lot that I do is in virtue of a revelation to my struggle with substance abuse. About ten years ago, "addiction" was only a nine letter word until I was aware of a family m...

Posted 6/25/2013
Chapter 44
Keep On Keeping On

My Story...   One day I felt I was on top of the world. I was married to the man of my dreams, had two young boys, and was six mmonths pregnant. i was awakened by a telephone call at 3 AM, it was my Father in law telling my Hu...

Posted 6/24/2013
Chapter 43
Recover and Live

Wow what an awesome idea! I started using at the age of six.  I was abused as a child, my dad used to beat my mom regularly and I would wake up hearing him hurting her.  I used to try and help her only to get hurt myself.  My p...

Posted 6/24/2013
Chapter 16
Learning to Fly

My first memory is of my father molesting me. He would "tuck me in" at night, touching me while my mother was emotionally and physically absent. I would lay there. Frozen. Terrified. Clinging to my only source of safety- my stuffed animal named...

Posted 6/24/2013
Chapter 41

I met my husband online 15 years ago playing cards. This was before dating sites existed. We were both in unhappy relationships. As we talked he told me he was an alcoholic but had been sober 10 years. I was a drinker but had no idea what that rea...

Posted 6/24/2013
Chapter 40
Ups and Downs

I wasn't sure if I would actually do this but here it goes. Earlier today Jennifer Gimenez sent me out a tweet and convinced me to tell my story to share so it could possibly help someone. I may not have been in the deepest of troubles like some o...

Posted 6/24/2013
Chapter 39

  I never want to forget that day, in February 2006, holding onto the leash knowing there was one of the greyhounds on the other end. A dizzy sick feeling was washing over me and it was time to get that dog in the house out of the sno...

Posted 6/20/2013
Chapter 38
Addicted to Depression

I come from a place of neglect and abuse.  For this reason, I keep most at an arm's length.  I spent most of my childhood sad and alone.  I consider myself  to be a recovering Adult Child of An Alcoholic.  My dad had t...

Posted 6/20/2013
Chapter 37
Bullied NO More

Being bullied is not something I like to talk about. It isn't because I am ashamed that I was bullied. It something that I would rather not think about. I wasn't just bullied in school but you could say I was bullied by my own family membe...

Posted 6/20/2013
Chapter 36

I'm an addict in every single way possible. Drugs destroyed my life, my family, and ME. I'm 25 years old and I was born in a small town in New Jersey. My childhood was pretty normal for a "dysfunctional famil...

Posted 6/19/2013
Chapter 35
Fear Drove Me To Faith

I use to be very angry at the fact that I was an Alcoholic. I went through a few periods where I thought that maybe I wasn’t and back to the bottle I went. Each time was more serious than the first. I just could not seem to get the whole &ld...

Posted 6/19/2013
Chapter 33
Alcoholic Feast

And it was Alcoholic Feast,by age of 26,drinking 365 nights a year,starving my body to size zero, no end to self inflicted torment,I continued to drink till passing out. My issues are/were, Alcoholism,Anorexia,Bipolar,Ocd,Add,Smoker,Cancer surv...

Posted 6/19/2013
Chapter 32
Strong Women

In 2004 I guess you can say I became an addict! I tried my first drug in 10th grade 03' which was weed, I was 15 years old. It wasn't for me I was only trying it because I needed a escape from the real world. I was a lost soul at a ve...

Posted 6/19/2013
Chapter 31
Lost Custody of my Daughter

When I was 14 I found a bottle of codeine in my mom’s closet.  This is the same Rx that my mom overdosed on when my dad left her.  I took 2, and within minutes I knew that this was the answer to all I had ever looked for.  I w...

Posted 6/19/2013
Chapter 30
The Secret

   The Secret When I was around 60 days clean I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified. I was filling out paperwork & everything asked about previous pregnancies, I knew I was gonna have to tell THE SECRET. But I didn...

Posted 6/19/2013
Chapter 29
Freedom to Live

Freedom To Live I grew up an Army brat in what seemed to be a normal family of 5, normal on the outside and very sick and dysfunctional on the inside. I am the oldest of 3 siblings in my family. Neither my mother nor my father used drugs...

Posted 6/19/2013
Chapter 28
I Want To Start Living Again

I've been addicted To Vicodin and Lortabs for about 12 yrs then to get off of them I've been taking Suboxene which is like Metadone for Heroin addicts I took my last Suboxene today and Um afraid cause I have no more and go through Withdrawals off of...

Posted 6/19/2013
Chapter 27
The Ballad of [Female Name Removed]

I hate happy birthday song. (female name removed) came from a well to do family. she was one of the most beautiful girls i ever knew. they lived in a beautiful house. her mom would throw these over the top parties clowns, pony's, magicians, swimm...

Posted 6/17/2013
Chapter 26

Where to start. I've been slowly killing myself since I was 15. 26 now. Since alcohol first hit my lips I fell in love. Got wasted and didn't feel hungover the next day, woke up and was ready for more. I've drank ever since. Wanting an...

Posted 6/17/2013
Chapter 25
There is hope

I can still recall  my very first court ordered outpatient treatment for marijuana possession, I was 17 years old. The second day that I reported to the session a man had come in, and he was telling his story about his use of c...

Posted 6/17/2013
Chapter 24
Recovery is Possible

I have been an addict for 29 years and I know it's nothing short of a miracle that I am alive! I don't think anybody choses to be an addict but we do get the choice to be a recovering one, IF we are lucky! I never thought for me recovery was possible...

Posted 6/17/2013
Chapter 23
Military Mum

When my son told us he wanted to join the Royal Air Force a part off me wanted to scream no do something safe we see so much on the TV about all the conflicts and its scary but another part of me was so proud off him So he spent 2 years...

Posted 6/17/2013
Chapter 22

When I was in middle school until I was a freshman in high school I was sexually abused by my cousin. No one in the family knew what was going on because my cousin knew how to hide it. I can't tell you that it was easy for me to hide this secr...

Posted 6/17/2013
Chapter 20

Life was radical right after I met the Monster. Later, life became harder, complicated. Ulimately a living swimming against a riptide, walking the wrong direction in the fast lane of the freeway, waking from sweetest dreams to...

Posted 6/13/2013
Chapter 19
My 11 Year Old Wants Out!

I am so excited to have a place where the 11 year old little girl locked inside me can speak openly without the fear of being punished! I didn't realize just how healing this would be for her. There is so much in her that is begging to be let go so s...

Posted 6/13/2013
Chapter 17

I want to name this chapter "Shame". I was born into a proud Cuban family. My grandparents came to this country back in the 1970's with literally $6 dollars in their pockets, their two daughters, and not knowing a lick...

Posted 6/13/2013
Chapter 15

Why am I alive is probably one of the questions I ask myself on a daily basis! Why have i survived when addiction has taken so many? I still don't know the answers and I may never know but just for today I am thankful to be where I'm at! I do know on...

Posted 6/12/2013
Chapter 14

My story....hmmm....never really thought anyone would give a crap about my story! I guess I'm gonna tell it anyway. I first started using marijuana at the age of 15 after not being able to deal with the fact that I was being sexually abused! I had no...

Posted 6/12/2013
Chapter 13
She Had Been Crying All Along

She Had Been Crying All Along It was my cousins birthday. It was the end of that summer, and I had been st...

Posted 6/11/2013
Chapter 10

hmmm where shall i begin..and btw this is what i did to really prove to myself in steps 1.2.and3 that i was truely powerless because for some reason i tend to forget what i had been through...somewhere around 12 years old is where my story began.....

Posted 6/11/2013
Chapter 9
Moment of Clarity After Destruction

Some of my worst times in life were spent when i was using drugs. One thing i extremely regret is those lonley nights when i would take trips to Camden and Trenton at 2a.m. with the baby in the back seat of my car. I would take this baby with me i...

Posted 6/11/2013
Chapter 8

Where do I begin as I sit here and realize I’m about to embark on my story? A few years ago I would tell you that I didn't have anything worth telling but today I know I do.  I read an article the other day and what it sai...

Posted 6/11/2013
Chapter 7

This is my story. It is a story a lot like many I’ve heard; and probably wouldn’t stick out much in any 12 step program meeting. I grew up in an upper middle class family in the US Northeast. We did...

Posted 6/3/2013
Chapter 6

The dream I had imagined for my life had vanished into thin air by June 1984. I was divorced; my 14-year old son moved to Delray Beach to live with his father; and my 18-year old son moved to Lake Worth where h...

Posted 6/3/2013
Chapter 5
One Day I Was Drinking The Next Day I Wasn't

I am honored to be asked to give my experience with drugs, alcohol, and a 12 step program of action. I hope that it will encourage anyone to say this might work for me too. <p align="left" class="MsoNorma...

Posted 6/3/2013
Chapter 4
Down and Out

I’m an alcoholic. To the less informed that can totally be a scary thought or statement. I can completely understand that because for quite some time it scared me as well. <p align="left" class="M...

Posted 6/3/2013
Chapter 3
Letting Go

As I sit here writing, I truly cannot believe how blessed I am. I owe my new life and the wonderful woman I am today to the fellowship, twelve steps, and sponsorship. At 31 years old this is a far cry from th...

Posted 6/3/2013
Chapter 2
Too Young

I do not recall ever truly being happy when I was young. I always sensed danger at each and every turn, both real and imagined. Sometimes these premonitions came true, which only served to reinforce my youthf...

Posted 6/3/2013
Chapter 1
Founder's Story

Before you read my story let me tell you what writing it on has done for me. It has healed me. As I write this, I am writing parts of myself that I alone could never even look at. Now, not only...

Posted 6/3/2013